Timesheet Automation


ActiveCapture is a real-time mobile ready data capture application for Salesforce, designed by end users and built by Salesforce experts. ActiveCapture enables your contractors, sub-contractors, part-time, or casual workforce to provide real-time information specific to Salesforce objects and fields.

ActiveCapture enables the operations workforceActiveCapture TimeSheet Management on Salesforce

  • A native Salesforce webform solution for data capture
  • Real-time visibility into operational profitability
  • Integrated operational visibility

Use cases include

  • Contractor timesheet captured against projects, jobs, or venues
  • Casual workforce timesheet management
  • Expense claims and allowance
  • Incident reporting
  • Service case submission
  • Logging of safety issues and hazard reporting

Timesheets made easy

ActiveCapture timesheet management by CloudActive provides a simple user friendly way for your resources, contractors, or casual workforce to update timesheets, improving the management of projects, increasing productivity and benefiting from real-time project profitability.

  • Time Sheet Management
  • Updated real time against Salesforce Projects
  • Mobile UX with multi-project pick lists
  • Project Profitability reporting
  • User per month subscription model

ActiveCapture Timesheet Solution for Salesforce by CloudActive

Timesheet automation on Salesforce demonstration